Privacy Policy

At 'LeanonMe' we understand our social obligation in protecting all personal information held by us, as your privacy is of utmost importance to us. As such, we have drawn up this Privacy policy to explicitly state our intention to obey all applicable laws and regulations if any, on personal information usage and disclosure and to implement an appropriate data protection management system. Our Privacy policy is designed for you to help you understand how we collect and use the information you have shared about yourself. We will take all necessary measures to ensure that any such information is used or disclosed strictly in accordance with purposes and intent of use and disclosure policies notified and agreed in advance by the owners of such information. While consenting to this privacy policy you agree with us that you will only create one personal profile of yours. We urge you to read the Privacy Policy.

We obtain information from you when you sign up for the site and share your personal information with us like your name, email address and other specific information about yourself that we would require in rendering our counseling services. We will not use any information for any purpose besides those purposes of use explicitly declared by us.

  • Username and passwords provided to you, are a way to identify you on 'LeanonMe'.

  • Information that you share during a chat session is strictly confidential and usually kept within a one on one session. They would be kept secure by us within our company only for our back up, internal ratings and assessment and will not be shared with any third party whatsoever. In the event that we outsource handling of personal information to a third party pursuant to your consent, we will take reasonable care in urging that the designated third party handle such data judiciously and take measures to prevent unintended disclosure or leakage.

  • We will keep all information shared by you during a chat session confidential except where such disclosure becomes necessary or is required by law or law enforcement agencies.

  • We collect user data from the use of mobile application during the course of providing our services through the relevant application technology. Such collected data and aggregate information is intended only as collective information that is non identifying, and for data purposes

  • Data provided by you is stored only as long as it is necessary to enable us to provide our services to you and others and for legal protections.

  • At 'LeanonMe' we will strive to treat your information in an appropriate manner, in accordance with its nature and circumstances under which it is handled. We may use customer information for new unanticipated uses which may not have been stated in our privacy policy. However we will contact you if we have to use your data for new purposes other than stated above and inform you of any policy change.

  • To deliver notifications, sms and alerts/reminders that relate to this service , we do deliver the same to the personal information provided by you during the use of this counseling service, if you do not wish receive such as above stated , you can opt out by following the directions provided for by changing the appropriate settings.

  • For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, we would take all care and caution to protect your IP right in the same. You agree to grant 'LeanonMe' a nonexclusive, worldwide license to use any IP content in connection with 'LeanonMe'. This IP license ends when you delete your account or your IP content and you understand that the removed content may persist in backup copies or recycle bin for a reasonable time.

  • We are not responsible for any of the said IP content that you have shared with others in this regard.

  • We will implement all reasonable safety measures and prevention and/or remedial measures in dealing with personal information leakage, loss or damage, so that you are able to feel safe in providing us with your personal information.

  • We will continue to maintain and enhance our data protection management system to safeguard the handling and protection of your personal information.

  • Our service providers would be allowed access to information as they help us in providing services.

  • 'LeanonMe' is not responsible for data lost, illegal act of hacking, technical malfunctions, or any exposure due to digital environment, which all fall under acceptable risks of Internet users.

  • While using 'LeanonMe' services you will not intimidate, ridicule, harass or engage in any awkward or unauthorized communications or upload any viruses or malicious code, or post any pornographic content or obscene texts, images, photos or the like. You will also not post any content that violates any law that is in force or infringes another's right or post information that infringes upon someone else's right to privacy or confidential information.


You will resolve any claim, cause of action or dispute, or claim you have with us arising out of or relating to 'LeanonMe' exclusively in courts at Bangalore. If anyone brings an action or claim against us related to your actions, content or information on 'LeanonMe', you will indemnify and hold us harmless from and against all damages, losses and expenses of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs related to such claim).

IF you have questions or suggestions or wish to make a complaint on our handling or your personal information, please contact us on our website at