Frequently Asked

1. What is Leanonme about?

Counselling@LeanonMe facilitates personal growth and development, fostering the interest of the emotional wellbeing of our Counsellees. Our qualified and professional Counsellors will endeavour to:

Enable our Counsellees to focus on feelings, experiences or behaviours
Manage emotions better and strengthen one’s self esteem
Help reduce confusion to make good choices, effective decisions and bring in a positive change that one seeks
Empower diverse individuals to accomplish emotional wellness and mental health

LeanonMe Mobile Chat based counselling also enables the Counsellee to view his or her last chat transcript for reviewing, reinforcing and internalising Counsellor inputs at his or her own pace.

2. What is Counselling?

Counselling is a unique help relationship between the Counsellor and Counsellee, wherein the Counsellee is encouraged and motivated to share his or her feelings. The Counsellee is empowered to either resolve issues or cope with them, and make his or her own desirable changes.

3. Is Mobile Chat based Counselling really effective?

Mobile Chat based Counselling is using technology as a medium to bring together qualified Counsellors who are willing to reach out to those who need emotional support. Counselling as a service is no longer limited to in-person, face-to-face interactions. Understanding the evolving nature of the profession, with technology advancing, Mobile Chat based Counselling or technology based Counselling is now emerging as a strong medium attempting to serve Counsellees.

Research supports the effectiveness and extensive use of technology based Counselling in the present day and age.

4. Are LeanonMe Counsellors qualified?

Yes, all our Counsellors are qualified and experienced.

5. What type of counselling services does LeanonMe offer?

Our primary offer is live mobile chat based counselling services. We also offer outbound Voice call counselling, E-mail Counselling and Face-to-Face Counselling.

6. What issues do you provide support for?

We have trained and experienced Counsellors who can handle multiple areas of emotional conflicts that come within the fray of mild to moderate issues.

7. How do you protect my privacy?

Trust is the cornerstone of the counselling relationship that LeanonMe offers. Our Counsellors have the responsibility to safeguard and respect the client’s right to privacy and confidentiality.

8. How do I register and book a session? Can I schedule my sessions, spacing it out to my convenience?

Once you download the app, you will be able to register, log in and buy session/s. You could either choose to chat immediately or book a session. Yes, you can space your sessions to suit your convenience. However, it should be done within the validity period of 60 days from the date of buying sessions.

9. Will I get to choose my Counsellor?

Yes, you can choose from our list of professional and experienced Counsellors.

10. How soon will I be able to chat with a Counsellor once I register?

If the Counsellor you choose is indicating green and available to chat, you can choose the ‘chat now’ option and get on to the chat instantly once you buy a session. Alternately, you could book a session with the Counsellor of your choice at your convenient time.

11. Once I register, will I be able to get the same Counsellor for all
my subsequent chat sessions?

Yes, you can get to chat with the same Counsellor, subject to his or her availability.

12. Can I get back-to-back sessions with the same Counsellor?

Yes, you can avail back-to-back sessions if the Counsellor is available. However, you will have to rebook the next session, unless you have bought a twin pack, and come back for the next slot which would commence after a gap of 15 minutes.

13. Can I choose a Counsellor other than the Counsellor I have
chatted with earlier, for my subsequent sessions?

Yes, you can do so. Also please note your chat history will be transferred to the Counsellor you choose, after checking with you through a notification on the app.

14. What is the duration of a single session?

A single session would be for 45 minutes.

15. How much do LeanonMe chat sessions cost?

Single session - Rs.300/-
Twin pack - Rs. 550/-
Pack of three - Rs. 750/-

16. What is the payment mode? How secure is the payment system?

You can pay through net baking, debit card and credit card. The payment system is highly secure.

17. What are your hours of service?

Our hours of service will be from 10 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday) as of now. Any change in timings will be updated on the app.

18. How many sessions can I book at one go?

You can book a single session, or in packs of two and three.

19. How do I connect for a booked appointment?

You will receive a notification on your phone to start chat at the specific time of your appointment. Please click on the bell icon and you will be connected to your Counsellor.

20. What is the permitted age to register? Can a student use this

Legally the permitted age to register is 18 and above. But if you are below 18, and a student, a reference of your parent/guardian should be disclosed.

21. Does this app work on all phones?

Currently the LeanonMe app works on all Android and iOS phones.

22. Will I be able to access my chat transcripts?

Yes, you can access one chat transcript which would be that of your last chat.

23. Would I be referred to specialised care for further intervention?

For concerns exceeding the scope of our counselling focus, referrals can be made to private therapy or appropriate community services so as to enable and ensure professional and specialized attention is made available to you.

24. What is your Cancellation Policy? Does LeanonMe have a Refund Policy?

In case of a cancellation required, the fee paid by you will be credited to your balance session account. You can go ahead and take your session at a later date or time that suits your convenience. However, the cancellation should be done at a minimum of 2 hours prior to the session time. LeanonMe does not have a Refund Policy.

25. How do I check my sessions balance?

Click on the rupee sign on your app and get to know your balance sessions.

26. How does my sessions balance reflect when I buy, book or

a. When you buy sessions, your balance gets credited with the number of sessions purchased.
b. When you book a session and chat or engage with the Counsellor, your credited balance reduces.
c. If you cancel a booked session (in accordance with our Cancellation Policy), the session gets accrued into your account.

27. What is the validity period for the sessions I buy?

The validity period for your session/s would be 60 days from the date of purchase.

28. How do I go about cancelling my appointment?

Open the ‘LeanonMe’ app. and proceed to the ‘Calendar page’. Please click on the message about your appointment that you see at the bottom of the page. You will have a notification on cancellation pop up on your screen. Please go ahead and cancel your appointment.

29. What happens when I miss a session?

A session missed will not be rescheduled or refunded. Please log in to the app and buy sessions to chat immediately or book a session. LeanonMe does not have a Refund Policy.

30. Who do I contact if I am unable to connect on the app?

Please send an email to for any help required.