You are your own champion.

You are your own champion.

 ‘Hi Supriya, don’t expect anything from anybody. You are much better than what you think and what feel you are. You should enjoy your life.  You have a steady income with a decent amount that you get as rent for the property you have let out. All you need to do is cook good food, keep your home neat and clean and help your kids with their studies. The most important thing you need to do is not be negative towards your own self and others.  Don’t give much attention to gossip because, you know everyone is not the same.  Everyone has their own share of life struggles and moods. Be positive and know that everyone around you loves you.’

We would think that obviously a close friend or Supriya’s mother wrote these words to her with an attempt to comfort or console her after hearing her story, difficulties or issues. That isn’t so.  The truth is that Supriya wrote this letter to herself.  Her family was puzzled. Why would she be writing    to herself? What was the necessity for her to write it down when she knew every bit of what she was saying? Would this really make any difference?

Supriya wrote it down to de-stress herself, let the pressure out, get herself to relax, make her an outsider to her own problem, address any issue in an objective manner, speak positively to herself and above all choose to be joyful and take things as they come.

Writing and more so writing to oneself can be very therapeutic, although it isn’t the only way to cope with stress. Sharing or talking it out, engaging in a favourite game or pastime passionately, reaching out to an unbiased/empathetic person can be other ways to de-stress oneself. What works best for us needs to be recognised or identified and followed by us to help our own selves.

If you find your ability to cope with stress is low, please do reach out for professional help. We at LeanonMe will always be there to help you feel understood and heard.

AUTHOR: Nagesh , Lead Counsellor


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