What’s the measure of your self worth?

What’s the measure of your self worth?

How much do you value yourself? How much do you love yourself? Do you often strive hard to gain your worth and acceptance? Do you tend to settle for less than you deserve when it comes to loving yourself, taking care of your needs, your well-being and happiness?

 As someone quoted, “Self-worth comes from you. It can’t be dictated by others. It’s not about your weight or appearance. It’s about you as a person. It’s about the magic and fire inside of you. It’s time to focus on your value, strengths and capabilities, because those are at the core of your self-worth. You are worthy!”  True, it’s time we realise the importance of appreciating and feeling worthy of ourselves. It is integral to our mental health and emotional well-being.

Self-worth firstly calls for self-love; accepting yourself the way you are, accepting your emotions for what they are, counting on your strengths and achievements, embracing your shortcomings and placing every area of your life on top priority; physical, emotional or spiritual. To learn and to grow is an essential part of loving yourself. You owe it to yourself and the very reason we attach ‘Self’ to worth, love, esteem and image is that You have to do it for yourself for no other will, the way you would.  The benefits of attaching worth to yourself, is like getting a booster dose that needs to keep your mental and emotional immunity good.

Low self-esteem, low self-confidence and low self-image takes root from a lack of self worthiness. We fail to be kind, patient, gentle and compassionate to ourselves, the way we would be with others,  placing no or very little value on ourselves. Why do we do so?  We tend to constantly rate ourselves, forgetting we are uniquely made and we base our self-worth solely on our achievements, accomplishments, appearance and external approval.  We tell ourselves that we always need to be better than someone and in doing so we cast off our inherent value. With every win and setback we face, our self- worth goes back and forth rising and falling.

Building and fostering a sense of self-worth calls for;

  • Being open, loving and kind to ourselves rather than being a self-critic. Acknowledging our limitations, accepting our shortfalls and taking constructive feedback helps us to be self-compassionate and forgiving of ourselves.
  • Seeking meaning and purpose for our life, extending help (volunteering or working for a cause) picking up new interests and setting goals to see them fructified.
  • Lastly, trusting yourself, patting yourself for your wins, giving yourself the credit you deserve and having a good self-care regime.

Holding up and valuing yourself even in the face of failures, adversities or inadequacies helps keep your self-worth intact and thereby have a high self-esteem.  Do you want to talk about it? Reach out and share. We are here to listen.

AUTHOR: Portia, Lead Counsellor

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