Support seeking like the ‘Sequoia’.

Support seeking like the ‘Sequoia’.

“When did I last go through a struggle or face a difficult situation all by myself?” This is a question that I had on my mind lately. I then shuddered to think how I would have possibly dealt with it; without the support of so many around me. The physical, emotional, moral, financial, and various other kinds of support has been my strength each time I encountered something so overwhelming. We know that together we can always get each other through struggles. But do we really reach out; how often do we shy away from stretching our hand out and seeking that needed support?

The Giant Sequoias, the largest trees on our planet give us a powerful lesson on this. These trees that stand in all its grandeur and splendour weigh up to 4,000 tons, with a base of up to 100 feet and reaching a height of up to 200 to 300 feet.  They grow in groves and their roots that are only 20 feet deep intertwine with other Sequoias, spreading out to cover a very wide area.  The oldest living Sequoia, estimated to be 2,200 years old, called the General Sherman, stands to this day in Sequoia National Park, California. It is more than 275 feet high, weighing approximately 2.7 million pounds and has a base diameter of 102 feet.

What is astounding is that their standing in support with the other Sequoias around them, with their roots combined together, helps them endure all hardships and stay strong. We as humans tend to make that grave mistake pulling back and keeping our roots to ourselves. This withdrawal and detachment pulls us down and makes us feel weak. Often in not letting connections that can be nurturing and healing, we stay in pain and hurt. We prefer to choose the easier path of isolating ourselves.

None of us can get through difficult times alone. We need each other. The support we can get from our loved ones, friends and people who we can reach out to, does do us a world of good helping us to get through such times well. Strength shared in our times of need is what we need people for, be it our family, friends, neighbours or even those we work with.  What cannot be endured alone becomes lighter when we have others walk with us through it all. It is inter-reliance as we are helped, to cope with, think past, and solve problems.  Life and people are never predictable and just anyone can have a trying period at any point of time in life. A strong support system has always helped people tide over, get respite and see light at the end of the tunnel.  Seeking support and staying in touch is so essential for all, to survive and thrive in a complex world that can throw anything at us.  The question is, are we rooted together the Sequoia way for Strength, Support and Wholesomeness?

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AUTHOR: Portia, Lead Counsellor


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