Beating exam stress.

Beating exam stress.

Preparing for an exam, which is round the corner, can cause stress and create feelings of worry. This happens due to the pressure to excel by performing to our optimum best. Such feelings indicate that we need to focus on planning a schedule that will help us in successfully completing the task on hand.

Some ways to handle exam stress:

  • Knowing ourselves
  • Identifying our best time for studying, picking our most preferred method of studying and the place of study that suits us most.
  • Preparing ourselves
  • Planning short periods of study with regular breaks.
  • Rewarding ourselves when we have achieved set goals, and not comparing ourselves with others.
  • Prioritizing our tasks and maintaining a schedule can make us feel more in control.
  • Taking it head on…………finally….on the day of exam
  • Being confident of our preparations. The more prepared we are, the better we will be able to face it.
  • Arriving early at the exam venue so that we don’t feel rushed.
  • Taking time to carefully read all the questions. Budgeting the time we have to finish the exam and using
    it wisely.
  • Practising relaxation and deep breathing before and during the exam, and taking a moment to relax and think if in doubt while answering.

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AUTHOR: Prathima, Associate Counsellor

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