How to transform your workplace into a hub of open communication.

How to transform your workplace into a hub of open communication.

You go to your HR after a deliberate attempt, to discuss something about the workplace that is really bothering you, but your HR trivializes it and, continues to be buried in his work as you are sharing, making you feel unheard and neglected.  

Imagine a work culture where you receive no inputs from your team leaders, help from managers on how to do your job, no appreciation, no feedback; your colleagues, higher ups do not interact with one another. All you do is get to the work spot, sit at your desk, do your job and leave. Do you like working in such an environment? Isn’t it essential to have interactions with your workmates? A majority of employees will answer YES. That’s why   communication is so important in our lives.

“Communication- the human connection- is the key to personal and career success.” Said Paul J Meyer, known as the pioneer of self-improvement Industry. Communication is the starting point of all human relationships. It all begins with the first move we make to talk to strangers and getting to know each other. With more interactions and communication relationships are formed. In personal life it’s so necessary to share our happiness, sadness, concerns, day to day problems with near and dear ones. The same way, in professional life too interactions with our co-workers help in building an environment of ease, healthy relationships, credibility, sharing and understanding of knowledge, thoughts and opinions.

Successful organizations consider effective communication as key to their growth and sustainability. When there is a culture of open communication in an organization, it creates a sense of transparency; employees feel trusted and encouraged to express their ideas, give inputs both positive and negative. It gives employees the feeling of being involved, aptly informed and valued. This constantly keeps them motivated to give their best output. When the employees are informed about how the business is doing or progressing, they will tend to be more loyal and committed.  Happy employees make the most productive employees, contributing both to the employees’ and the organization’s growth and development.

On the other hand, communication gap can lead to the lack of information, miscommunication, wastage of resources and, high absenteeism, often resulting in a loss for the organization leading to delay in delivery, reduced quality and less team work.  Team work enables to build strong relationship as it gives an opportunity to bond with coworkers and helps in accomplishing the tasks faster and more efficiently.

The organization’s efforts to achieve an environment of open communication and dialogue can include:

  • enforcing and recognizing healthy, transparent and open communication.
  • organizing regular recreation activities or events where employees get to interact and connect with all work mates.
  • scheduling regular team meets to understand the needs and concerns of the employees and taking regular feedback from employees.
  • organizing communication skills training and team building activities.


AUTHOR: Prathima, Associate Counsellor


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