Heartless even during heart-rending times. Why?

Heartless even during heart-rending times. Why?

“When we suffer with others we grow, and when we close our hearts against them, we die within’’ – Michael Nagler

The recent news on human wickedness unleashed on hapless doctors and health workers is so unfortunate and deplorable. Woe to mankind who have lost their sense of right and wrong and thrown away the human trait of compassion and gratitude into a garbage of insensitivity. A peep into their very innate selves may probably show that they are pitiable humans with  seared conscience, banished virtues and tenaciously held prejudices, stuck  themselves in a quagmire of  despondency .

The most heart wrenching news was of a Doctor, a neurosurgeon who died as a result of treating Covid-19 Patients. Having succumbed to the virus, in the call of duty, this great soul deserved a peaceful final journey, on the contrary his funeral cortege was disrupted by an unruly mob, denying him a peaceful burial. This unremitting impulse of human race to inflict pain on one another only makes one believe more strongly that ‘viruses can be faked but depravities are real’. To quote Malcolm Muggeridge, “The depravity of man is at once the most empirically verifiable reality”.

One wonders what is come of mankind, that he is blind to his own rottenness and has pushed himself into the abyss of vileness. Why does one fail to understand the frailty and vulnerability of a mortal whose days are few and numbered?  As a matter of fact, to echo today’s sentiments, most people live in the fear of some unprecedented catastrophe consuming them, but yet they take pride in ruthlessness and apathy. When adversity strikes, is it too much to ask for compassion or regard the good of others as of the same value and importance as one’s own.  Human personality though constantly, is in the pursuit of some fulfillment, it fails to pause and reason out its actions when it comes to another.

Isn’t Love the supreme ethic. It is said that one who does not know love does not know God as ‘God is Love’. In a nation where there is no dearth for Gods and religiosity, faith and festivities, sacrifice and penitence, why is there no love, kindness and compassion towards one another. We are continuously opposing and criticizing and being recalcitrant to some dogma or the other and in a state of conflict, fighting unseen battles, warring with each other and thereby multiplying a breed of haters who are cold and broken themselves. Is kindness and compassion for one another so elusive?

It’s time to wake up and smell the fragrance of being in love with every other being as your very own, so that every other quotient that dictates the world becomes oblivious in the countenance and radiance of compassion and kindness for one another. This in all certainty would break every idiosyncrasy and prejudice that ruins one’s inner peace and ultimately would lead us to the realization that, “how little it takes to make us happy”.

AUTHOR: Beaula Jemima, Sr. Vice President, LeanonMe Legal

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One thought on “Heartless even during heart-rending times. Why?

  1. Very true and thought provoking indeed. As a matter of fact, all human beings are the creation of the almighty who shows same love to all his children. Perhaps we borrow a leaf from the creator who shows no discrimination to none irrespective of caste, creed,sex, religion, Nation, …..to him all are on equal footing…then why is it we try to be so narrow minded….it requires serious thinking & sensitivity to explore & have open-minded debates with like-minded individuals to have more insights and light.

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