Give your stress wings and make it fly away

Give your stress wings and make it fly away

“It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it”- Hans Selye

 Each one of us feel stressed from time to time. Some of us will be able to deal with it positively while others become victims of its adverse effects.  Stress is not always bad. It is part of our lives; some amount of stress is necessary for all living beings.  Moderate level of stress motivates us to stay focused, be energetic, alert and helps us give our best performance. But, beyond a certain level, stress can cause damage to our mood, health, productivity, relationships and so on.

When we are constantly reacting to stressful situations and not making the necessary adjustments to cope with them our ability to perform and make sound judgement is compromised. It also affects our health and well-being. We may overthink, overreact, fail to think creatively and become very skeptical, without realizing how we are getting entangled in a loop where our trivial issues become stressful situations. Our behaviour and interactions with others too can suffer, and many a times we just give up.

It may always seem that there is nothing we can do about certain stressors in our life. There will never be more number of hours in a day to complete all our tasks, give attention to our family and fulfil career responsibilities. The bills are not going to stop coming. But, we can control and organize a lot more than we think. The realization that you are in control of your life is the foundation for coping with any stressor.

Managing stress is all about taking charge of your emotions, your thoughts, your schedule, the environment around you and how well you can deal with your concerns.  Our ultimate desire is to have a balanced life wherein, we have time for our relationships, work, relaxation, fun and, have the resilience to work under pressure which will help us take our everyday challenges head on.

A healthy lifestyle changes your mind, attitude and of course your body. These little things if incorporated in to our everyday life will help us lead a balanced life.

AUTHOR: Prathima, Associate Counsellor


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