Finding Meaning in Uncertainty

Finding Meaning in Uncertainty

The pandemic has brought most of our lives to a grinding halt and also uncovered an illusion we had about a planned future.  It took all of us a while to understand the gravity of the situation and the affect this invisible non living invader had on our lives. Initially, most of us panicked and were grappling with the thought of losing one of the basic rights of a social being- to interact and cooperate with others regularly to achieve common goals. Locked up in our homes and forcibly distanced from each other many experienced a plethora of emotions and feelings like anger, sadness, fear, anguish, nervousness, frustration and above all powerlessness. Some resigned to the situation sooner and got into the mode of moving ahead by exploring their untapped creative sides. A few were hassled and overwhelmed with the forced togetherness and multitude of tasks they had to accomplish in a day. Some felt isolated and found an uncomfortable solace immersed in the fear mongering around created by social media.  But, there were also a few who enjoyed the unexpected slow down of events in their lives and found ways to enjoy the peace within when there was a sync around with what they were seeking. This unforeseen circumstance has been a revelation in many different ways especially on how each one of us respond or react to uncertainty. How can we bring in a sense of balance and purpose during difficult times?

  • Find a purpose in your routine:

As Friedrich Nietzsche a German philosopher quoted” He who has a WHY to live for can bear any HOW “. It is a formidable task to find a purpose in our mundane daily activities while staring at a situation where lives are threatened. Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist who survived the Nazi concentration camp observed that people have the potential to thrive in the most appalling conditions when they have a sense of meaning. Find ways to make meaningful interactions with people around you, reach out to the ones in need and include fun filled activities between tasks to help choose a better attitude towards this calamity.

  • Choose to be in the moment

The safest place to be when there is so much uncertainty ahead is the moment we are in now. A lot of speculation and predictions are narrated on what holds for us in the future making us apprehensive and powerless. Refrain from planning ahead too much and stay with the day’s realistic to-do list. Enjoy the day and let it unfold with tasks accomplished and a few surprises along.

  • Bring your focus on what you can control

The virus is invincible globally at this moment leaving most of us feeling vulnerable. Frustration and anger is prevalent among many who planned events, holidays, gatherings that have been deferred and stalled for an indefinite period. To stay away from falling victim to this feeling, bring in a shift to your perspective towards this whole situation and regain control over what you can now.

  • Practise gratitude and choose your attitude for the day

Many lives have been economically affected by the lockdown of businesses and commercial activities. Find opportunities to be there for the unfortunate who have lost hope to make ends meet and in turn experience gratitude towards the goodness in your own life.

  • Accept the feelings and reach out

The happenings around the world might seem unsettling emotionally and could get you overwhelmed. We at LeanonMe are here to listen and care whenever you feel vulnerable or feel the need to reach out to someone.


AUTHOR: Smitha, Lead Counsellor

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