Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

 Emotional Intelligence!! Yes it’s equally important.

Isn’t it important to know how and why we feel a certain way? This understanding can be challenging especially when the answers are not apparent.

Emotions are both conscious and unconscious and can have a strong impact on our feelings and responses. The ability to identify, understand and manage ourselves and our emotions is referred to as Emotional Intelligence.  A deep understanding of our own emotions will help us assess the emotions of those around us and thereby use this information to guide our thoughts and actions. We can empathize, interact and communicate better with people. Emotionally intelligent people set realistic goals and will be highly motivated to achieve them. Hence emotional intelligence is highly essential in the formation, development, and nurturing of close personal relationships, as it creates a climate of trust and fairness.

Generally we have little control over how emotions arise and what are the consequent feelings we experience. But we can definitely control how long a feeling lasts with some conscious effort and change in our attitude.

Once you develop your emotional intelligence, you will have the ability to control your emotions, instead of allowing them to control you.

AUTHOR: Prathima, Associate Counsellor

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