Do we live in the moment?

Do we live in the moment?


“I am glad we made it on our dream holiday but the destination we planned earlier could have been better”. “I am doing very well at work…but would have been well placed with better prospects if I had pursued my higher studies.”

Our minds are constantly focussed on ruminating about events of the past or the unknown future ahead. We often find ourselves worried about things that have already happened, or distressed about what could happen. We are constantly making critical judgements about our experiences and are constantly driven towards looking at moments ahead, hoping that it will make us happier and satisfied. The drive is mostly originating from the desire to achieve more, become more and get more, with mainly a feeling of discontentment of where, who and what we are in the present moment.

Planning for the future and being hopeful of better times ahead is also essential, but not at the cost of missing out on experiencing your present thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the environment around. We should consciously become aware that we are controlled by our thoughts and not let the present moment slip away unobserved as we live in anticipation and excitement of the moments that lie ahead or worry and regret about the ones that went by.

Consciously become aware of the simple moments in your daily activities….

  • Slow down, smell the coffee and relish every sip in the morning
  • Feel the breeze on your skin during your morning walk
  • Enjoy every bite of your meal; avoid being distracted by your phone.
  • Cherish every moment you spend with your family and friends
  • Be involved in the interactions with your peers and colleagues
  • Each day seek one thing you can be grateful for

Allow the present moment which is the “now” to be as it is, reminding yourself that this is the only moment we can experience, feel, think and do something about to experience the essence of life.


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AUTHOR: Smitha, Lead Counsellor


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