Can your organization’s ‘Emotional Culture’ affect your enterprise performance?

Can your organization’s ‘Emotional Culture’ affect your enterprise performance?

Most organizations globally define their culture, which would primarily outline their belief system. It could be Collaboration, Teamwork, Customer Centricity, or even goals like Innovation or Engineering Excellence. In other words, the organizational culture is defined to deliver the best for its customers, and therefore to themselves. All these aspects of their culture would be driven by thoughts and beliefs that can deliver results. You can call it the ‘thought culture’.

But what about a culture that is driven by ‘feelings? Feelings of freedom, openness, joy, love, fun or feelings of fear, pressure, anger and aggression.

The ‘thought culture’is often broadcasted internally to ensure that all employees begin to understand and imbibe that culture in their daily work; unlike the ‘feelings culture’ that is experienced through the environment.

Is your work environment very stiff or easy? Is your leadership demonstrating an attitude of openness and transparency?  Is the language of peers and leaders cool and fun, or is there a very fearful environment? Is it an aggressive environment? Is everyone too serious?  Is there empathy for one another?

Research clearly indicates that employees thrive in an environment that is open, understanding, fun and joyful; as opposed to an environment that is serious, fearful and hostile. A negative emotional force will pull the energy down; what we call the Employee Commitment Quotient (ECQ) will really drop significantly. You can see a total lack of motivation in employees, creativity dips big time and quality of work takes a hit.

LeanonMe Emotional Wellness believes in promoting a positive force within the organization.  An ‘Emotional Culture’ that helps build a committed workforce − a vibrant workforce, an impactful workforce. We offer our corporate clients an ‘Emotional Culture Assessment’. It is a tool that will indicate the organization’s ‘Emotional Culture’.

We also offer ‘Emotional Wellness’ to its employees.  Emotional well-being will also breed happiness, imagination, creativity, etc. People catch on to feelings faster than thoughts. It then gets contagious.

So it’s up to the organization to define what should get contagious within the organization.

Drop us an email and we will be there to partner you through this journey of fostering an ‘Emotional Culture’ that will give you a competitive advantage.

AUTHOR: Jennyfer Rajan, Founder CEO



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