Are you emotionally exhausted?

Are you emotionally exhausted?

Tired of physical or thinking based work all day long, laborious tasks, long hours of commute to work, getting through the routine of a 5 or 6 day week with difficulty and, probably having some respite from it or not; the consequences of such stress or exhaustion are experienced both in the physical and emotional realm.  We somehow seem to be better equipped to either deal or cope with the physical weariness. What about Emotional exhaustion?  Do we pay attention or even recognize it?

Emotional exhaustion can be referred to as a combination of physical and psychological conditions that can be caused by critical and continuous stress. Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, no or low motivation, deep sadness and frustration are experienced when one is emotionally exhausted. There could also be accompanying physical symptoms such as sleep difficulty, appetite issues, headaches and fatigue.

The stress we combat can be from our personal or professional life and it can be striking and experienced over a period of time.  Although most of us have our inbuilt coping skills to face them, they can fail us and leave us emotionally depleted, if the challenges persist and are overwhelming. Pressurizing work environments, academic stress, relationship issues, financial problems, long standing illness are a few areas that can cause such emotional upheavals. This could eventually lead to a burnout and hence it is important to watch out if we are on a constant high stress level.  Some of the important give away signs to notice are;

  • Mood swings, constant low mood, irritability, thinking negative
  • Feeling disconnected and emotionally insensate
  • A sense of emptiness, feeling hopeless and discouraged
  • Low energy, tiredness, no drive to go about even the normal routine
  • Low concentration, unable to remember things and a lack of focus
  • Trouble making plans and taking decisions
  • Social isolation and strain on relationships

Dealing with the stress inducing elements could start with analyzing our distress situations, the causes and nuances of resolving it. Seeking help in difficult situations can be the second step, actions like getting a full time help for a significant other going through illness. Resolving issues can be even going for a change of job from the current one which has kept us in chains for a long period. Yes, while these definitely take effort and time, consciously working towards change for the better in such situations can help us wriggle ourselves out of the loop of self affliction.

If you have been noticing such signs lately, finding yourself going through difficult life circumstances and are looking for help and support to work on a change in the situation, please reach out to us at LeanonMe. We would be happy to help you move forward.


AUTHOR: Portia, Lead Counsellor

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