Are we slaves of our subconscious mind?

Are we slaves of our subconscious mind?

Are we taking all our day to day decisions consciously? Are we responsible for all that’s happening around us? Is there a supernatural power controlling our decisions or our instincts? Why are we hesitant to make right decisions? Why do we fear certain situations while others don’t for the same? Why do we constantly feel that we will not succeed?

The answer to all our questions is that we are run by our subconscious mind. Ninety nine percent of our decisions or behaviour is based on our beliefs and our personalities. Most part of our personality that was built during our childhood is hidden in our subconscious.  An individual’s personality and decision making ability in his adulthood is based on how he grew up in his early years of life.  Protection, pampering, being allowed to make a mistake and learning from it, discipline, and all such framework by parents or elders in the early years of life plays a major role in the growth of the child’s personality, behaviour and/decision making ability.

Even though we know that it is a one way in traffic and heading that way would put us in trouble, we tend to take that path. We often hesitate to take centre stage although we know that there really would be nothing to fear.  We don’t attempt big since we feel we might lose. We most often tend to think in the negative about the person or the situation rather than being neutral. We become habituated to think in this manner. Negative and maladaptive thoughts can pull us down. Replacing them with positive and helpful thoughts can help us take right decisions, make the right choices and maintain good emotional health.

Life does not promise us one perfect path, there are many things around us and in nature too that is beyond our control. But, we are definitely responsible for what is in our hands. Challenging and changing our thoughts can help us shape and handle our lives the way we want it going and make it worthwhile.

My life is my making. Change can come in when we believe in ourselves, take onus and responsibility for our lives. Thinking objectively and rationally during difficult times can help us in our decision making, and not letting our past failures determine our future efforts can give us the strength to move on.  We all know that the past cannot be altered however, reflecting upon and learning from it and, looking at our today and tomorrow with a positive and new perspective can help us in life.

There is always more than one way to look at a situation. Seeking to understand different perspectives can result in improving our thinking.  If you are in a difficult situation and need help please reach out and talk to our Counsellors. We are here to help you.


AUTHOR: Nagesh, Lead Counsellor

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One thought on “Are we slaves of our subconscious mind?

  1. It’s so true that our behaviour reflects on what we were taught in our childhood and childhood plays a major role to make an individual to succeed and the behaviour they showcase In thier adulthood and childhood without any bandwidth
    It’s a great article that tells us about where we lack in understanding And finding the mistakes and where we learn the that it always reflects on thier behaviour in adulthood

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