Are we closing in with our joy intact?

Are we closing in with our joy intact?

Joy? Yes, may be just the right concept to contemplate on, this season. Joy is a feeling that comes up, often when there is a deep sense of satisfaction, contentment, and gratitude within us.  Joy is not external, not conditional or contingent on anything in order to exist. We have joy when we are able to make peace with who we are, where we are, and why we are.

We can do good to learn from many around us, who make that choice to be joyful in all circumstances. In the face of hardships, loss, meagerness, physical pain and unending battles they seem to have mastered the art of rising above it all and, never giving up their joy.

Come Twenty Eighteen…….moving on and moving in……we can strive to keep our joy as we…..  

  • Exercise our freedom and take responsibility for our actions.
  • Show gratitude for the many good things in life – life itself, family, friendships, nature, our talents and strengths.
  • Set ourselves free from unresolved anger, and be more willing to forgive.
  • Retain our positivity, enjoy the present, and savour every moment of it.
  • Recognise our strengths, talents and virtues – apply it every day in all facets of our life.

Need some help?

Team LeanonMe wishes you and your well-wishers a joyous holiday season!



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