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Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for Corporates

We are an employee assistance partner with a difference. We are more of a social business, since our vision is to be a healing service that can reach every corner of this nation. A new-age EAP service provider in Bangalore, India, LeanonMe believes that mental and emotional health at the workplace is supreme. Why do we say that? Happy employees are far more productive. Research proves repeatedly that organizations that are ranked to be a ‘great place to work’, that have a ‘great culture’ and that ‘care for their people’ show an increase in revenue by 22 to 25% than the others.

Our EAP focus is more on preventive mental/emotional health. We use technology as a key enabler to be available for your employees with utmost confidentiality and anonymity. Through our preventive emotional well-being programs, we reduce the occurrence of emotional stress or any other issues that may persist. These EAP programs help assess each one’s emotional fitness and competency, help reduce the risk exposure and build coping abilities of the individuals.

Our EAP framework is holistic by design, for it helps employees deal with both personal and work-life issues. We offer the below tools.

Emotional Matrix Mapping System (EMMS) measures the emotional fitness of the corporate employees at different levels. Developed by our experienced counselling psychologists for today’s workforce, EMMS is a one-of-a-kind system that tells how emotionally heavy, or light, your employees are. EMMS is administered through chat by our qualified counsellors.

Emotional Culture Study (ECQ) determines the workplace emotional culture. The most pre-dominant emotional culture and the secondary emotional culture will be identified through an eSurvey method, wherein the employee participates with complete anonymity. The survey findings are analyzed according to the key parameters that make up for the emotional culture within an organization.

Pre-Recruitment Emotional Resilience (PERT) is an interactive chat-based assessment that will help determine the emotional resilience of a prospective/appointed executive specific to the workplace context. The organization would get a detailed report that indicates how high, moderate or low the individual’s emotional resilience is.

Apart from all the above preventive mental health programs, we also ensure that we build mental health awareness through Communication Campaigns, Corporate Pledges, and other engagement programs.

Emotional Wellness through Chat Therapy, Voice, Email, and In-Person Employee Counselling Services will continue to remain as our core focus for emotional well-being of your workforce. We want to ensure that ‘I wish I had known’, ‘I wish I could be there’, ‘I wish she had reached out’…. does not echo anymore.