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Emotional wellbeing is important to face every day with confidence and enthusiasm. In the event that you have any emotional conflicts which you need to address, trust LeanonMe.

At times, certain situations seem to get out of hand and you need someone who will listen, guide and help find solutions that make the day bright again. LeanonMe says ‘share’. Qualified, committed and empathetic Counselors will listen to any issue of yours and help take the load off you.

You can access LeanonMe on your smartphone. Download the app, wherein you will find profiles of our team of Counselors who will be available on mobile chat, today’s easiest and prevalent medium of communication.

About us

LeanonMe enables people with the 'power of know' so that everyone acts with the confidence of knowledge and understanding for a fuller life.

Our mission is to empower individuals and provide them help ON DEMAND, through professional counseling & advisory services, that would help realize their potential and ability to either resolve, or cope with challenges and issues in life.

All our Founding Members/Board of Directors and Advisory Members are accomplished professionals with over 25 years of experience in their respective fields.


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A new-age EAP service provider in Bangalore, India, LeanonMe believes that mental and emotional health at the workplace is supreme. Through our preventive emotional well-being programs, we reduce the occurrence of emotional stress or any other issues that may persist. These EAP programs help assess each one’s emotional fitness and competency, help reduce the risk exposure and build coping abilities of the individuals.

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Educational Institutions

Emotional Matrix Mapping System (EMMS): A unique emotional ‘measure system’ to know the emotional fitness of students (Grade VIII to XII).

eCube: Helps pre-adolescents (Grade IV & V) to grow and live confidently, from a very early age.

Exude: Specially designed to help students (Grade VII to XII) overcome exam fear.

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Emotional Wellness Test (EWT) tests the Personal Self Care and Emotional Response Ability of men, women, and youth (18 to 28 years) .

Love Crossed, an innovative test for couples, to know if they are reading each other right.

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Our Experts

All the Counsellors at LeanonMe are qualified (Masters in Counselling), caring and professional in their approach. Also, their versatility to handle diverse emotional issues gives them a unique edge when handling Counsellees with disparate emotional issues.

Lata Jacob (Practice Head)

Meet someone who does what she loves and loves what she does. Currently the Practice Head at LeanonMe, Lata has 40+ years of experience in Counselling and Social Work. She is endowed with the ability to handle complex issues and manage large programs, thanks to her experience in India and abroad. She wields an M.Phil degree.

Mary Paul (Practice Head)

Given that emotional wellness is everything for LeanonMe, we have Mary as the other Practice Head. Mary has founded agencies for child welfare and physically challenged girls. She was also an associate faculty with different counselling institutions. Mary holds a PG degree in Social Work.

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